smothered hope (smothered_hope) wrote in missing_persons,
smothered hope


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Fag means cigarette in england.
You know that, right?
i did! but forget things, like why my umbrella is in my friends car and not in my house..
Damn, that's a gay icon. But, who am I to talk, I'm using a black knight.
hey i thought we covered this i like girls like they beasty boys song all i think about is girls.

that's me from halloween, i got n ammmount of phone numbers so i doubt that could make me gay. thus the icon is not gay.

wtf is a black night?
n := 0;

A black knight would be a knight who wears black armor.
What is not to understand here?
Thus, liking that song so only makes you sound like a misogynist and therefore far less respected by myself or others.
but the real questions are how much respect do i have for you? And does yoru oppppinion realllly matttter?
But of course.
confidence or denial...

I noticed you joined my community we_r_simply_us which is fine. I am just wondering how you did this? I have tried to join communities with my community and couldn't figure out how!